Filipino travel to and from work labeled “Tiktok” as “dangerous content”

Screenshots of Jacque Manabat in her TikTok video that was deleted from the app (Twitter / Jacque Manabat)

Only Tok’s video about the country’s public transport troubles was suddenly flagged as “dangerous” by a video-sharing service.

ABS-CBN reporter Jacob Manabathwhich released the video on June 8th. has informed his Twitter followers about the deletion.

Manabat has also added another TikTok video as an alleged replacement for the tagged video.

“Because my TikTok content, ‘Exercise Pinoy Commuter sa Metro Manila,’ was marked as dangerous, it’s a ‘non-hazardous’ post that reflects the day-to-day situation of passengers,” she said.

The new video showed a long line of passengers waiting for a jeep ride at 6:30 a.m. on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

Manabath as well reported this situation in separate social media posts.

Only in the Tok version did she put witty texts or headlines on some passengers to describe their supposed thoughts while waiting for the jeep ride.

Some of the texts I read are:

  • “Init. 30 minutes no. Wa pa ba? “
  • “Wala pa rin bang jeep? Are you really looking forward to it?

On Tuesday, June 7, Manabat uploaded the TikTok video in question, entitled “Filipinos Exercise to and from Work.”

She also posted it on Twitter that day.

The 18-minute video cleverly showed the daily struggles of people traveling to and from work in the form of an exercise routine.

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It is as follows:

  • Obstacles to the race
  • Running
  • Balancing
  • Walking
  • pull bar
  • Cycling (different levels of challenge)

Her Twitter has so far earned 18,900 likes, 1,431 re-citations and 3,321 re-posts.

Meanwhile, Manabat’s TikTok video itself could no longer be found in his account.

About TikTok Policy

Like other social media platforms, TikTok. in moderation its content in accordance with its Community Guidelines, where users may use its tools and technologies to identify potentially harmful content and behavior.

Its users can flag or report any program content for further review by the security team.

As soon as the TikTok team determines that a video has violated our Community Guidelines, the team will immediately remove it from the program.

According to its guidelines, the following content described as “dangerous actions and challenges”:

  • Content that shows potentially inappropriate use of dangerous tools or objects
  • Content depicting dangerous driving behavior
  • Content that depicts or promotes the use of substances that are not intended for consumption and that may cause significant harm
  • Content that describes or provides detailed instructions for performing hazardous activities
  • Dangerous games, bravery, challenges or tricks that could injure or damage property

How other users reacted

After the video was removed, some users have speculated as to why it was flagged as “dangerous content.”

“Dangerous content,” said one user with emoticons on his face.

And Manabath answered one of them reads: “Is the dangerous misinformation / misinformation you use in the program, or are you?

Other users have criticized TikTok itself and those who reported its clip as allegedly dangerous.

“Dangerous happy ????? Thousands experience it every day, and there are a lot more harmful things in the app, and that’s what’s marked? One user said.

“Dangerous content ??? That’s the reality, “said another user Posted to Twitter.

Its update soon reached the online forum r / Philippines.

Redditors also criticized users who reported the Manabato video, which led to its removal from the platform.

“Because of Pinoy’s power to solve a fact, solve a problem. “Kaya, they are more likely to fall into ‘lack of knowledge’ and propaganda,” said one consumer said.

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