2 Strength training methods for muscle building

  • According to a personal trainer, strength training involves different types of muscle contractions with unique benefits.
  • Eccentric exercise involves lengthening, which helps increase muscle size while causing more stress.
  • Concentric exercise involves shortening muscles, which strengthens strength and can make recovery easier.

According to a personal trainer, using multiple strength training techniques can help you get the most out of your workouts.

Different types of strength exercises have unique benefits, whether you want to or not build muscle and strength, improve your running speedor just be more active in everyday life, says Chris Travis, owner and coach Seattle power and performance.

“Our core value is that strength training is for everyone. We try to make it accessible to everyone because we think it’s very beneficial to your life,” he told Insider. “In the first few weeks, people feel much stronger and better because their bodies are adapting to something that has never been done before.

The right type of exercise can help balance workouts for specific goals, such as increasing muscle size, maximizing strength, or even helping to recover from muscle pain.

“They’re all in the toolbox, it depends on what you’re trying to train,” Travis said.

Eccentric movements such as negatives are great for building muscle and shaping

Resistance or strength training involves tensing the muscles to adapt as they become stronger (and often higher). When the muscles contract during lengthening, this is known as eccentric exercise.

Eccentric movements usually involve lowering part of the exercise, such as slowly lowering the weight after the biceps curl.

The main benefit of eccentric exercise is that it creates a lot of tension, which encourages your muscles to grow bigger and stronger and helps maximize their performance.

“We do a lot of eccentric work because it’s really good to build muscle and we do it so that people who start strength training don’t move too fast and understand the range of movements,” Travis said.

One example of using eccentric work to build muscle is to increase the pace of an exercise, such as a TRX sequence, by reducing the number of three rather than throwing them all at once.

Eccentric exercises can also help all athletes, but especially beginners, develop their ability to perform more exercise in good shape rather than using impulse or damaging their position.

“Many times people just repeat and their body position can go crazy. Forcing them to slow down their eccentricity helps maintain body awareness and stability,” Travis said.

Exercising only the eccentric part of the movement is known as a negative thing – one example is jumping or stepping up to a pull-up and a slow descent to form the right muscle groups. improve your attraction. You can use a similar technique improve feedback starting from the board, lowering to the bottom of the position and then resetting.

Beginners can also benefit isometric exercisewhich includes strengthening in a static position because it has little effect on the joints and also helps create stability and good shape, Travis said.

Concentric exercises such as sledding push improve strength and cause less pain

The exercises that cause your muscles to shrink are known to be concentric. They are great for building muscle strength and endurance, Travis said, especially when doing complex exercises that involve multiple muscle groups, such as weightlifting.

Concentrated exercises are less likely to cause delayed muscle pain, a phenomenon that can make it very painful to go to the gym the next day. research offers. For this reason, coaches recommend trying low-impact concentric work, such as pushing sledges or cycling. active recoveryimprove muscle circulation and promote muscle recovery.

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